Basil Bangs

Basil Bangs is for beachgoers and poolside revellers looking to enjoy the sweet taste of Summer with a touch of classic design and premium quality. Developed with a hefty dose of passion and luxury, this range of Sun Umbrellas shows Basil's dedication for crafting products of quality and superb design.   And while the designs may be vintage inspired, the exclusive fabrics and finishes are certainly the latest technology.  Custom detailing,  marine-grade UV protection fabrics and the change-your-life Basil Hinge have been designed to deliver a premium experience that will last for many Summers to come. Print Designs such as "Le Pixel", "Mi Casa Su Casa", "Calypso", and "Vevey" by Missoni & Basil Bangs Collaboration, all create striking and unique design  Sun Umbrellas that make a statement

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